Gabriela Granados García

IMG_6045 - Gabriela G García

Gabriela Granados García, OTR, MS, studied at the Universidad Autónoma del Estado de México and she studied a Master Degree in Neurorehabilitation at Centro Mexicano Universitario de Ciencias y Humanidades. She has worked as an occupational therapist in pediatric and adult settings including home health, outpatient clinics and inpatient rehabilitation. Her research focuses on assessment of upper limb function including the translation of validated tools for children with hemiplegia to Spanish, using diverse modalities for children with cerebral palsy. She established a validated Spanish version of the Assisting Hand Assessment (AHA) and Hand Assessment for Infants (HAI), allowing early diagnosis of unilateral cerebral palsy. She authored a book chapter based on her presentation at the Second Iberian-American Congress on Neurorehabilitation, focused on novel use of technology to establish therapeutic goals and measure functional outcomes. She coauthored the GoMove app ( that provides home programs for children with unilateral cerebral palsy.

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