Botulinum toxin-A as an Adjunct to Paediatric Upper Extremity Rehabilitation – Qatar 2019

COURSE DESCRIPTION The 1-day training course will focus on the rationale for using Botulinum toxin-A (BoNT-A) as an adjunct to upper limb rehabilitation in children with neurological impairment.  Using the latest evidence from scientific literature, combined with 18 years clinical experience in the use of upper limb BoNT-A, this course will assist clinicians to make sense of who, why and when to consider the use BoNT-A as an adjunct to evidence-based upper limb intervention. Detailed course notes and reference material will be provided. By undertaking this course, participants will be able to:
  • Understand the latest concepts and terminology for muscle overactivity in upper motor neurone disorders.
  • Understand the administration and mechanism of effect for BoNT-A.
  • Understand the data relating to safety and efficacy for the use of upper limb BoNT-A injections in children.
  • Understand possible adverse events following upper limb injection of BoNT-A.
  • Review upper limb anatomy and the impact of muscle overactivity following upper motor neurone disorders.
  • Gain confidence for the recommendation of specific upper limb muscles for injection of BoNT-A.
  • Understand the role of the therapist in upper limb spasticity management.
  • Gain confidence in who, how, why and when to recommend children for upper limb injection of BoNT-A.
  • Understand the aims of upper limb BoNT-A injection in children (function and symptom management).
  • Gain confidence in the timing, planning and implementation of evidence-based intervention following upper limb BoNT-A.
  • Objectively evaluate outcomes pre and post upper limb BoNT-A injection.
WHO SHOULD ATTEND Occupational therapists, Physiotherapists, Physicians GENERAL COURSE ENQUIRIES For more information on course content or if you have any questions about booking a place on this course, please contact LOCAL ENQUIRIES For information about course venue and local knowledge, please contact course host Nicola Doyle, Occupational Therapist, Sidra Medical at COURSE REGISTRATION Please note, CPteaching has a strict policy of not holding places for courses. All registrations must be processed via the CPteaching website. PACKAGE PRICE Please note, if you attend all three CPteaching courses in Qatar in September 2019, you will receive a substantial discount with a total package fee of $780USD. This is a saving of $340USD. To take up this offer, please register for the Qatar Bundle. REGISTRATIONS CLOSE FRIDAY 26th July 2019

Functional Hand Use in Hemiplegia – Qatar 2019


The 2-day practical and interactive training course, designed specifically for clinicians, will focus on the implementation of evidence-based interventions for children with unilateral cerebral palsy (CP). Using the latest evidence and knowledge from scientific literature, the course will assist clinicians in making sense of who, how, why and when to chose a particular upper limb intervention. The course will provide clinicians with the confidence and practical skills to implement interventions such as modified constraint-induced movement therapy, bimanual occupational therapy and goal-directed training. It will focus on practical considerations, such as the individual characteristics of the child (age, cognitive function, motivation) and the importance of environment and behaviour management to ensure the most effective outcomes. Participants will also learn how to objectively evaluate treatment. Detailed course notes and reference material will be provided.